2012 Top 100 Uplifting Trance part 3 of 5

This week i’m back with the 3rd part of Top 100 Uplifting Trance tunes
Come join me 2PM CET/1PM UK/9PM MY on http://www.trance.fm LIVE!

19th December, 2012
Trance Frontier Episode 182 [LIVE!]
Tune Here : Coming soon on Soundcloud this 21st Dec, 2012

This week [Part 3 of 5] 3rd installment of this year’s Top 100 uplifting trance tunes.
Countdown from 60 to 41 today, featuring producers/remixers from Ronny K. Second Way & ASP Project, C-Systems, Johan Ekman, Jamie Walker, Paul Trainer, Kaeno, Arctic Moon, Michele Cecchi, tranzLift and more.

Replay scheduled for this episode
Dec 21, 2012 [21:00 – 23:00] CET TIME
Dec 23, 2012 [00:00 – 02:00] CET TIME

Last week’s episode : http://soundcloud.com/trance-frontier-ep-181 (12th Dec, 2012)



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