Trance Frontier Episode 166


29th August, 2012
Trance Frontier Episode 166 [LIVE!]
Tune Here :

This week [5th Week August, 2012] I’m bringing back Emo/Uplifting Trance tunes from Year 2009 till today. Confirmed lineups are Andy Blueman, Simon O’Shine, Ronny K., Angel Ace, Simon Pitt, Blue Tente, ReOrder, Infite, Arctic Moon and many more.

Replay scheduled for this episode
Aug 31, 2012 [21:00 – 23:00]
Sep 02, 2012 [00:00 – 02:00]

Direct from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Broadcasting LIVE from The Netherlands.
Durations : 2 Hours
Genre : Uplifting Trance
Youtube :

Mobile App on Apple iOS & Android [Updated]

Tracks brought to you by : Beatport &

Last week’s episode : (22nd August, 2012)

Thank you and Njoy!

Danny Oh
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