Trance Frontier EP.211 LIVE! [10th July 2013]

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10th July, 2013
Trance Frontier Episode 211 [LIVE!]
Tune here :

This week [2nd Week, July 2013] I’m showcasting new promos & releases from great producers Julia Lav, Etasonic, Blue Silence, Dave Cold, Airstorm, Billy Gillies, Robbie Seed, Cygnus X, Nab Brothers and many more.

Replay scheduled for this episode
July 12, 2013 [21:00 – 23:00] CET TIME
July 15, 2013 [00:00 – 02:00] CET TIME
July 16, 2013 [17:00 – 19:00] CET TIME

Direct from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Broadcasting LIVE from The Netherlands.
Durations : 2 Hours
Genre : Uplifting Trance
YouTube :

Mobile App on Apple iOS & Android [Updated version]

Last week’s episode : [3rd July, 2013]

Tracks brought to you by :

Thank you and Njoy!

Danny Oh
+ Trance Frontier
+ Trance Rendevous
+ Sundance
+ One Night In Malaysia
+ Euphoria
+ My Love Trance
+ Uplifting Trance


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