2014 X’mas Music Festival

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It’s almost Christmas.
NERadio & Sundance Artist Management proudly presents

2014 X’mas Music Festival [7th Year] featuring 59 uplifting, pure, epic trance DJ Producers around the world.

Official Broadcaster : www.neradio.fm
Date : 22nd Dec till 24th Dec, 2014

Artist partner : Evolved Artists
Music partner : Allegro Music

22nd Dec, 2014
–12:00 – Arisen Flame
–13:00 – Allan Morrow
–14:00 – Eloquentia
–15:00 – Jonathan Carvajal
–16:00 – Suzy Solar
–17:00 – Photographer
–18:00 – Manuel Le Saux
–19:00 – Philippe EL Sisi
–20:00 – Westerman & Oostink
–21:00 – Yahel
–22:00 – Paul Vinitsky
–23:00 – Dan Thompson

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23rd Dec, 2014
–00:00 – Adrian Law Van Breaker
–01:00 – Milad Seif
–02:00 – Dave Chimny
–03:00 – Rase & Preston
–04:00 – Hypaethrame
–05:00 – DJ Rubato
–06:00 – Reaky
–07:00 – Haig & Raffi
–08:00 – She_Vulcan
–09:00 – Syldevik
–10:00 – MadCore
–11:00 – Miditekk
–12:00 – Darren Summers
–13:00 – Bluespark
–14:00 – Rich Smith
–15:00 – Marc van Gale
–16:00 – Anske
–17:00 – Stephen Kirkwood
–18:00 – Fisherman & Hawkins
–19:00 – Antillas & Dankann
–20:00 – Yves De Lacroix b2b Fabio XB
–21:00 – Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden
–22:00 – Stoneface & Terminal
–23:00 – Amir Hussain

24th Dec, 2014
–00:00 – DJ Sigvaldason
–01:00 – Electro Esthetica
–02:00 – Slava Petrov
–03:00 – Illitheas
–04:00 – Redd
–05:00 – Andres Selada
–06:00 – Khoa Tran
–07:00 – Vic
–08:00 – Alex Negniy
–09:00 – Academia
–10:00 – Swirv
–11:00 – Rowex
–12:00 – Mike Sanders
–13:00 – Dutch Dance Detective
–14:00 – Izzy Meusen
–15:00 – Robbie Seed
–16:00 – Dave Cold
–17:00 – Akku
–18:00 – JTB (Johnny The Boy)
–19:00 – Paul Denton
–20:00 – Daniel Skyver
–21:00 – Johan Ekman
–22:00 – Danny Oh

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Sundance Episode 184 with guestmix, Verdastro LIVE! [26th July, 2014]

SundanceEP184Verdastro26th July, 2014 [9PM CET/8PM UK/7AM AUST/3PM NYC/2PM MEXICO] on http://www.neradio.fm

Sundance Artist Management proudly presents “Sundance” Episode 184 with guestmix, Verdastro LIVE!

1st Hour : Danny Oh
2nd Hour : Verdastro

Damien van Immerseel, otherwise known by his artist alias Verdastro, is a Belgian disc jockey specializing in various forms of electronic dance music. He is among Synchronized Music’s numerous “resident DJs” for their weekly radio broadcasts, however, he has been known to explore other realms of electronic dance music as well, and continues to implement other styles into his work.

Since debuting in 2011, Verdastro has become one of Belgium’s leading electronic music disc jockeys, ranking as high as #19 on the DJ List charts back in 2013. Upon establishing the record label Synchronized Music with fellow co-founder Odai Ameera back in August 2014, he has since become a focal point of their weekly radio sessions, headlining weekly.

Sundance Episode 180 with guestmix, Sebastian Brandt LIVE! [22nd June, 2014]


22nd June, 2014 [9PM CET/8PM UK/7AM AUST/3PM NYC/2PM MEXICO] on http://www.neradio.fm

Sundance Artist Management proudly presents “Sundance” Episode 180 with guestmix from Sweden, Sebastian Brandt LIVE!

1st Hour : Danny Oh
2nd Hour : Sebastian Brandt

If you don’t think of the name Sebastian Brandt when you hear the word ‘Trance’, then you seriously need to re-evaluate where you have been over the last half decade. Known for his searing leads and melodic prowess, its no wonder Sebastian is one of the most requested remixers in Trance today. Sebastian has seen his tracks supported by the entire trance elite. His tracks have become a staple identity for Armada for a number of years, so much that Armin Van Buuren himself has recruited him to remix his own personal tracks on a regular basis.

Sebastian became one of the most prestigious Armada artists in recent times, so much that he created the theme for ASOT 450, aptly named, ‘450’. He continued to produce huge hits such as ‘Mana’, ‘Paragon’ and ‘Ashes’, which became instant classics within the trance community, and instant ‘go-to’ records for the mighty Armin Van Buuren.

Sebastian’s DJ ability is quite incredible, playing huge gigs such as ASOT 450, ASOT 550, Monday Bar, Digital Society, Entrance and Luminosity. His tours of Asia, Australia and North/South America have spread his prodigious sound across the world, wowing crowds with his energy, and ability to surprise the audience.

Sebastian’s productions and stunning remixes, are featured on the largest and most respected dance labels on the planet including Armada, Subculture, Ferry Corstens’ Flashover Recordings, Kearnage, Mental Asylum and Black Hole Recordings.

It’s difficult to comprehend that this guy carries such a prolific discography, at only 25 years of age. Sebastian continues to stay close to his roots, keeping his signature sound, but moving through the digital age at a rapid pace. With more stunning originals to come, and an ever increasing DJ schedule, it’s safe to say this guy is only heading the snowy peaks of Electronic music.

Trance Frontier Episode 257 LIVE! [28th May 2014]


My official website : https://danny0h.wordpress.com
Or Tweet me : @dannyoh

28th May, 2014
Trance Frontier Episode 257 [LIVE!]
Tune here : Available soon on Soundcloud

This week [5th Week, May 2014] I’m showcasting latest promos & releases from great producers Ferrin & Morris, New World, Ula, Max Solar, Andy Ellisass, Ucast, Ally Brown, Sam Jones and many more.

Replay scheduled for this episode
May 30, 2014 [21:00 – 23:00] CET TIME
June 02, 2014 [00:00 – 02:00] CET TIME
June 03, 2014 [17:00 – 19:00] CET TIME

Direct from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Broadcasting LIVE from The Netherlands.
Durations : 2 Hours
Genre : Uplifting Trance
YouTube : http://tinyurl.com/YouTubeTranceFrontier

Past week’s episode : http://soundcloud.com/trance-frontier-ep-255 [14th May, 2014]

Mobile App on Apple iOS & Android
http://tinyurl.com/DannyOhAppleiOS [Updated version]

Tracks brought to you by : Beatport.com

Thank you and Njoy!

Danny Oh
+ Trance Frontier
+ Trance Rendevous
+ Sundance
+ One Night In Malaysia
+ Euphoria
+ My Love Trance
+ Uplifting Trance

Sundance Episode 173 with guestmix, Ally Brown LIVE! [4th May, 2014]


4th May, 2014 [9PM CET/8PM UK/7AM AUST/3PM NYC/2PM MEXICO] on http://www.neradio.fm

Sundance Artist Management Malaysia proudly presents “Sundance” Episode 173 with guestmix, Ally Brown LIVE!

1st Hour : Danny Oh
2nd Hour : Ally Brown

Ally Brown is no newbie to the trance scene having lived and breathed the genre for many years. Through this time he’s listened to the genre evolve and transform into a collection of beats he wanted to add his own mark to.
Ally grew up in a small town in the Scottish Borders, DJ-ing in his bedroom striving to perfect his own unique sounds, and tried his hand at music production at the age of 21.

Ally has produced some electric, fast paced and melodic tracks that have become his signature sound. He has tracks and remixes on labels such as Discover Dark Records, Lange Recordings, Bonzai Music, MLXL, with artists such as Armin Van Buuren (former number 1 in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll),

Paul Van Dyk (Also former number 1), Aly & Fila, John O’Callaghan, Simon Patterson, John Askew, Mark Sherry and many more supporting his music across the world. His collaboration with Polish star Cristian Ketelaars saw their
track “Smuggle Run” spend over a month in the top 10 sales chart on http://www.trackitdown.net and at Number 1 for 8 consecutive days! This success has seen the track included in “The Gallery – 18 Years” 3 CD compilation Mixed by Judge Jules, Simon Patterson, & Gavyn Mytchel. (Purchase the CD here: http://www.enhancedmusic.com/products/1087)

Ally’s DJ sets echo his influences, with melodies paying homage to Techno, Drum & Bass, Hard House and Hardstyle.
This transforms his unique sets into extremely energetic yet euphoric and emotional journeys through the harder edge of trance, incorporating all of the above styles, and still maintaining the crowd-rocking vibe that he is now known and loved for. Ally has been booked to DJ in some of the countries most prestigious club-nights such as Ministry Of Sound, Rong, Wax Format, Re:Format, 1Forty+ and of course – Blueprint where he is now resident DJ.